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About Makassar

Makassar (sometimes spelled Macassar, Mangkasara) formerly called Ujung Pandang is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the largest city in Sulawesi Island. From 1971 to 1999, the city was formally named Ujung Pandang and after a precolonial fort in the city, and the two names are often used interchangeably. Makassar has become the primary port and airline hub of the astern archipelago, the thousands of remote islands being developed and incorporated into the mainstream of Indonesian society and economy.

Makassar also played a key role in Indonesian history. The 16th-century Gowa Empire was based here until the Dutch weighed in. The Bugis people originate from this region, and are in some areas just known as "sea gypsies". The Bugis are famous boat builders and sailors, and they have in ancient time probably gone as far as Madagascar and north Australia to trade their goods. Later on they settled in other coastal areas of Indonesia, in particular on Sumatra and Riau.

Makassar also is gateway to Eastern part of Indonesia and entry point to an adventurous tour to the Tana Toraja highlands, deep in the fertile plateaus of Sulawesi, or also known as Celebes. The unique Torajan culture, including their animistic burial rites call it Rambusolo, makes this region one of the most fascinating wonders in Indonesia.

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Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam also known as Benteng Makassar is a historical artifact of the greatness of the past kingdom of South Sulawesi. Gowa Kingdom was the strongest and the most glorious kingdom during the 17th century. During the time Makassar was known as a trading city. Viewed from the sea the kingdom of Makassar during that period was an area that was completely fortified.


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